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Our Most Asked Question- Is Winter Good Time For Tree Work? (Yes!)

Let me tell you something —— winter is a great time to work on trees.

The months of April to December are usually the busiest months for the tree care industry, but winter is a great time to do certain types of tree work at a better price. Our guys prefer cold weather than the Texas heat that’s for sure!

What kind of work can be done in winter?

Removals, Forest work, Pruning —- Just read what we got for an article below we couldn’t agree more!

“ Removals – When the ground is frozen, there is less impact on lawns and gardens surrounding the trees being removed. Trees that are dying from disease, such as Emerald Ash Borer, are great candidates for winter removal so that they don’t become a hazard in the spring when you want to be outside in your backyard. If you have been considering removing a tree in your yard, consider that winter might be the best time to get it done.

Forest work – Forestry work such as plantation thinning and trail clearing are ideal for winter.   When the ground is frozen, there is less risk of damaging the forest floor.  If logs are being pulled out of the bush with machinery, then there is less chance for ruts being made.   Work done in the winter can also ensure that wildlife like birds and small mammals will not be disturbed by work during the nesting season.

Pruning – Most trees can benefit from light pruning done during the dormant season.  Dormant pruning helps the tree focus its energy effectively come spring.  Winter pruning should be done after the coldest days have passed, and things are beginning to warm up again.  Species like Maple, Walnuts, and Birches, may bleed from pruning cuts when the weather warms and sap begins to flow. This is not usually harmful and will stop once the tree leafs out.

If a tree has shown signs of stress or disease or was not vigorous in its growth during the previous growing season, it might be better to wait until the tree is just about to leaf out to do any major pruning.  Sometimes, even though the tree is stressed, you may want to prune it in the winter anyway if there is a risk of the tree being damaged in severe weather due to structural issues or previous storm damage. “

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