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"To provide specialty services with professional staff in plant health care, tree services and planting throughout DFW"

Our Priority

At Price Right Trees, we’re committed to professionalism, exceptional customer service, and safety. Our goal is to prioritize each customer and create a safe, supportive work environment. Safety is paramount for our team and clients alike. We aim to provide top-quality service at the right price, turning your project vision into reality. Building lasting customer relationships and instilling trust in Price Right Trees is our mission.
Price Right, Tree Services Crew

Leadership Team

Price, ISA Certified Arborist

Price Pitstick

Owner / Estimator
ISA Certified Arborist


Erica, Tree Services

Erika Pitstick

Owner / Marketing Specialist
Kelsey, Tree Services Office Manager

Kelsey Johnson

Office Manager

Our Story

Early Beginnings (2004-2007)

In 2004, Price started a lawn care business with two high school friends. Mentor Garrett Dean’s support led to significant growth. After graduation, Price continued while his friends pursued other paths.

Discovery of Arboriculture (2007-2008)

While maintaining lawns and landscaping in Arlington, Price recognized a need for tree trimming services. This marked the beginning of his passion for arboriculture.

Faith and Career (2008-2013)

After EMT school, Price experienced a spiritual awakening and followed a calling into ministry. He served in a full-time ministry position while still involved in tree work.

A New Chapter (2013-2014)

During his travels, Price met Erika in Israel. Their marriage marked a turning point, and they settled in Fort Worth in 2014.

Building Price Right Trees (2014-Present)

Price and Erika founded Price Right Trees, starting from their home. Erika focused on networking, while Price handled estimates and services. Price became an ISA certified arborist in April of 2022. Additionally they purchased a Tree Farm in 2021 to help get access to high quality trees at fair prices. Their hard work paid off as the company rapidly expanded.

Price RIght, Family Owned Business

Recognized Excellence (Present Day)

Today, Price Right Trees is a top 10 tree company in the DFW area, known for its commitment to the community and arboriculture.