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Maintaining Tree in North Texas

6 Tips For Maintaining Your Trees

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It is undeniable that trees are an integral part of our environment and economy. Trees provide clean air and water, fruit and timber, recreational opportunities, shade on hot days, and much more. Many cities and towns depend on trees for fresh air and natural beauty. Unfortunately, this reliance comes at a cost. Healthy trees suffer the consequences of human interference with their environment. As tree owners, we can do many things to protect and improve our trees’ health. Tree care professionals can provide valuable advice and information to help us protect our trees. In today’s blog post, we will discuss the importance of tree care and how you can help keep your trees healthy.

How Arborists Help with Tree Care

An arborist is a person trained and certified in the art and science of caring for and maintaining the health of trees. They are available to provide expert advice and help with various tree care tasks, including pruning, pest control, tree removals, and more. Although you can do many things to protect your trees, hiring a professional for complex or specialized projects is often best. Consulting an arborist can be an essential first step toward keeping your trees healthy and safe.

Tips for Maintaining Your Trees

You can do several things to help keep your trees healthy. The most important thing is to inspect your trees for signs of disease or damage regularly. This can help you to identify problems before they get worse. Some of the most common tree healthcare practices are listed here:

Pruning: Pruning is an important part of tree care. Pruning should be performed at least twice a year, but more often if the tree grows vigorously. Pruning should be done in a way that preserves the tree’s shape and size but allows it to grow. Dead branches should be removed as soon as possible, as they can spread disease and damage the tree if left in place.

Fertilization: Fertilizing plants helps them to grow and thrive. This is especially important for young trees. You should apply fertilizer when the soil temperature is between 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit. A soil test can give you a good idea of how much fertilizer to apply.

Pest Control: A healthy tree is resistant to pests. If a tree has a pest infestation, it may be a sign of damage or disease. Removing the pests from the tree may help protect it from further damage.

Watering: Providing adequate water is essential for maintaining the health of your trees. The best time to water is early in the morning so that there is no moisture on the grass around the tree and the roots won’t get wet.

Mulching: Mulching around the tree helps to protect the roots and hold in moisture. It also keeps the weeds away and helps to prevent soil erosion. Maintaining a clean yard will also help protect your trees against pests and diseases.

Trimming: Trimming should only be done by a trained professional who has experience in this type of work. Untrained people risk damaging the tree, causing it to be weakened and eventually die.

Regular inspection is an essential part of tree care. An arborist can identify any problems that may lead to damage to the tree and can prevent it before it becomes a severe problem.

At Price RightProfessional Landscaping& Tree Service, we have certified arborists who are specially trained professionals who can help you take care of your trees. They can provide valuable advice and information on protecting your trees from disease, pests, and other threats. If you’re concerned about the health of your trees, be sure to call us at 817-675-8565 or fill out our contact form. We would be happy to assess their condition and recommend any necessary treatments.