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Plants during winter, right plant for you

How To Pick The Right Plants For Winter

With the temperatures dropping, it is so important that we understand how to pick the plants that are best for surviving the crazy temperature fluctuations in our climate. It is also necessary that we know how to prepare our plants for the colder weather. From the hot summer heat to the freezing winter chills, here is a quick guide on how to choose the best plants for minimal maintenance and year-round looks!

  • No matter where you live, plants that are regionally native and adapted to your climate are your best bet against any weather.
    • These plants are able to resist damage from most of the typical conditions within their native climate.
  • Pick plants that are native to the hardiness zone in which they will be planted.
    • This gives plants the best climate for not only surviving but thriving.
  • Know the right kind of plant for you.
    • Perennials are expected to live 3 years or longer and require little maintenance when grown in the right hardiness zone.
    • Borderline cold-hardy plants or short-lived perennials are plants that are less well-adapted to the zone they are being planted in.
    • Annuals are planted each year in the spring and summer and cannot survive hard freezes. High levels of maintenance are necessary to maintain the health and vigor of these plants.