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Grow Organic Produce With The Farmstand

When I first came across Lettuce Grow, I was unsure what to think about it. Intrigued, I dug a little deeper through their pictures, videos, and website, and after finding a community of satisfied customers, I was 100% sold! A self-watering, healthy produce growing machine, with a functional yet user-friendly app that sends reminders as well as offers amazing customer support with only one click… how could I refuse?! 


I purchased the Farmstand that grows 36 plants. I made the mistake of not opening the seedlings and putting them in water the day they arrived. For some reason, I thought I would receive seed packets (oops!), but once the rest of my Farmstand came in and I opened all the boxes, I found the perfect little seedlings were already growing in their own cute little container of dirt. They pop right into the Farmstand, ready to grow – super easy!


Of course, due to my unintentional negligence, most of my seedlings were dead, but that’s how I learned about Lettuce Grow’s excellent customer service! They have been so patient and helpful, continuously working with me and sending new pods at no charge. It has been such a blessing to have them walk me through this new gardening journey! 


It doesn’t matter what you want to grow or what type of place you call home – the Farmstand can be used indoors or outdoors, comes in multiple sizes, and there is a huge list of veggies and fruit to pick from on their website.  


I am not going to lie to you – purchasing a technological genius that helps you grow your own organic produce requires a little bit of an investment, but luckily they offer a variety of sizes and payment plans for every budget, and it is worth every penny. PLUS, you can save $50 off your order when you enter the code FRIEND-00CZ at checkout. 


Your purchase comes with more benefits in addition to fresh, organic produce at your fingertips. Thanks to The Lettuce Give program partnership with the Whole Kids Foundation, for every 10 Farmstands purchased, one is gifted, and that sense of community is so important to me.


There is a Facebook group as well that has been so helpful –  I posted my questions and got so many replies with a lot of great info! Community members also post a lot of inspiring recipes that they make with fresh produce from their garden. I really think you will love it! 


If you don’t have the outdoor space for planting, or you just simply don’t want to mess with it, HEY, this is a great option for you to consider. You can get it for your office, classroom, apartment, home, you name it! You will have fresh organic produce growing in no time! There’s no better way to live a little more simply.